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Could ‘Facebook Things’ be the biggest innovation of all?

This evening I watched Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook’s F8 conference talk through all the cool new stuff, from the new timeline, that displays the highlights of your life since birth, to the media app integration with ‘ticker’, which allows your friends to know exactly what media you are consuming at all times, to Zuckerberg’s generous […]

It isn’t true that 82% of TV ads generate negative ROI. And what would this mean for social media ROI anyway?

A post by Joanna Stratmann, head of marketing at social media agency FreshNetworks, caught my attention this morning. The post is titled ‘If 82% of TV ads generate negative ROI, why are we obsessed with social media ROI?’. Hang on, I thought. If TV advertising doesn’t work – and this is somehow an established ‘fact’ […]

A short story, translated into social media

Two versions of the same story… English language version Lucy gave Matt a call. ‘Hey, do you fancy coming out with Ed and me for a drink?’ she asked. ‘Yeah, how about the Dog and Duck?’ Matt said. He needed a good drink as he’d just had a big row with his wife. She’d been […]

Mind the perception gap: the real reasons people follow brands in social media

Do you know why people engage with brands in social media? Are you sure? IBM conducted a study of 1,000 consumers worldwide and also 350 brand executives. They asked the consumers why they chose to connect with brands in social media. And they asked the executives why they thought consumers chose to connect. The results […]

Teens don’t ‘like’ brands on Facebook? Yeah, right.

Just a quick post, this, in response to new Forrester research saying that only 6% of teens want to be friends with a brand on Facebook. Leaving aside the fact that it isn’t called ‘friending’ anymore, it’s ‘liking’, I am highly suspicious of the conclusion that teens don’t want to engage with brands in social […]

How do the Fortune 100 use social media?

This is a good overview of how big corporates are using social media in 2011: Burson-Marsteller 2011 Global Social Media Check-up View more presentations from Burson-Marsteller.

Was it Twitter wot won it for the revolutionaries?

How significant was the role of Twitter and other social networks in the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions? While shiny-new-thing evangelists would love to add “revolutionary” to their list of social media’s qualities, some commentators are appealing for a little perspective. Malcolm Gladwell thinks the role of the communication medium is hardly worth noting in these uprisings. […]

Leaked! AOL’s content strategy

AOL’s masterplan to become the king of web content is now a hot piece of shareable content itself. Titled The AOL Way: Content, Product, Media Engineering, and Revenue Management, the leaked strategy sets out exactly how AOL will generate content and make calculated decisions on which stories will draw the most clicks at any given […]

Facebook decides word of mouth should come at a price

Should brands be able to pay to influence what information we see from our Facebook friends? I’m just getting my head around the latest money-making scheme from Facebook. As described by Mashable, Facebook is now asking brands to pay for the privilege of users’ updates (relating to that brand) being shown in friends’ news feeds […]

Taking the social media mickey

Working in the field of social media necessitates a high level of awareness that people who don’t spend their every waking moment tweeting on their iPhone may detect a whiff of bullshit whenever you open your mouth. Ah yes, the Social Media Guru is loved wherever he goes. My personal favourite social media guru is Alex Blagg, certainly a “hot young […]